Alupress Aluminium Fabrications

Specialist metal fabrication company supplying the roofing & cladding, glazing and external wall insulation industries.


All of our products are fabricated using the most up to date techniques and machinery.


Top quality fabricated metal products delivered to schedule within budget.

Commercial and Domestic

Professional service with every project regardless of size.

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Powder Coating

Alupress have just installed  a brand new state of the art powder coating facility ensuring the highest quality finish with improved lead times.

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RAL powder coating colours Coloured Flashings

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  • Top Quality Products & Services

    Fabricated Aluminium

    Alupress boast an extensive stock of materials in a vast range of gauges and finishes including aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, pre coated plastisols and PVF2 coated steel.
    All of our products are fabricated with the highest quality workmanship using the most up to date machinery and techniques.
    Powder coated finish available to a vast range of RAL and BS Colours.
    Professional service with every project regardless of size.

    Commercial and Domestic Buildings

    Residential Building

    Alupress have a wealth of experience in aluminium products for home extensions and new builds. We manufacture contemporary fascia and soffit systems, window cills, secret fix parapet cappings and downpipes ideally suited to today's modern designs. Our products have featured on TV shows such as Room To Improve and About The House as well as The Sunday Times Home magazine. Contact us for a free site survey and quotation.